Thursday, May 03, 2007


So here it is.
Finally finished this thing.
Thanks to Penny for doing a cover for me.

The download contains a track by track version and a one long track version
I prefer the one long track way.

PSY/OPSogist-Mining The Valleys



Michael Harlan said...

What DJ Shadow should have made after 'Introducing' if he was as able...

The pieces at minutes 16 and 28, and particularly 16, are groundbreaking, amazing progressions - 17:38 when it drops back in after the insect sounds and with rim clicks;



Metal Machine Music said...

Yeah, I thought It sounded kinda DJ Shadow-ish as well. I liked the whole psychiatrist thing going on as well. The samples were great, there wasn't a single moment I thought sounded thin or bland. I stayed interested for the whole thing, I never felt the need to skip forward a bit. Yeah, some really neat things going on here. I hope you continue to make interesting and awesome music.

Vincent said...

I love the single track version, I'm gunna check out the separated tracks now.