Monday, June 19, 2006


So I finished the Zaireeka project I've been working on.
Here is the one long mp3 version.

Explorations Of Zaireeka


Friday, June 16, 2006


So here is a track from my other band/project.
Solaris Earth Pipeline
I guess you could call it rap?
I do the music and my friend Raven does vocals.
It's called 30 Pack.
It will be on our next album.

We have our first album for sale also.
At War With Robots
Paypal $7.50 to if you might be interested.

Here's 2 reviews we recieved of it.....

Number 1

"Just got a chance to listent to this today. Im not to knowledgeable on Hip hop but hey, heres some thoughts.
Track 2 (At War With Robots) Has an AWESOME fat, fuzzed up bass groove thing. Probably my favourite track on the cd.
Boogie Jam 06 is pretty much as RM described it: Kind of like a wrestling promo set to cool, creepy bongos and bleeps. Really good at building tension. The final lines are best "SO you best get to running motherfucker, cos im ALIVE!"The whole cd is very cool and has a kind of 'late night' vibe to it. I dunno how else to explain it, but its kinda sleazy and dirty sounding. The only *tiny* problem is theres no tracklisting, but its like 3 posts above, so deal with it!
Good stuff, will be keeping an eye out for more."

Number 2

"I hadn't listened to any hip-hop in probably 7 years other than occasionally seeing total garbage on TV. This CD is different from any rap I've heard and has a good vibe and production,lyrics, considering it was probably made for next to nothing. The main thing is it's different than everything out there, but it's also good and consistent throughout. I would definitely agree with the last guy...At War with Robots has a "late night" vibe that makes it special. I'm looking foward to the next installment."

It is completely different than the Explorations of Zaireeka. (or is it?)


I've fixed the comments so anyone can comment!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Maybe by Friday?