Friday, May 20, 2011

Everything is free

By no means should anyone pay for any of the music I have done.
I have no control over the iTunes or any other pay site. Someone else
has the benefit from any pay transactions. Everything is here for free download.
So for Christ sake don't pay for anything. Look around here for a moment
and I'm sure you can find a free download link. If it doesn't work send me an
email and I will get you a free one ASAP!



Anonymous said...

Honestly thank you for everything you have done. It is simply amazing that someone would put out such high quality of music for free. Again, thank you.

JC said...

You have done such a wonderful job on the tunes you've put out and I've been listening for years and giving you radio play time! I would love to chat with you about your technical setup as the music you deliver is pro quality far above many touring artists.

PSY/OPSogist said...

Hit me up